Sarditinera planned and accomplished a large number of enterprises concerning Art and Environment improvement.The sarditinera’s aim is the social-economic development of each area. The research and the following planning of the territory's cultural-historical heritage are the means of the above development. Following an integrated development point of view, Sarditinera located environmental, cultural and productive goods in order to increase their value. At the same time, the Sarditinera’s work always respected the natural gifts of each territory. Special attention was addressed to:
- Religious architecture and ecclesiastical goods, which are the 75% of Italian Arts and Environment goods
- study of the characteristic archaeology of every commune; - study of the characteristic history of every commune;
- Study of the historical toponymy in Sardinian language;
- Study of Liturgical and para-Liturgical compositions;
- Study of characteristic compositions of Sardinian culture (goccius, mutettus, etc);
- Study of natural and productive context.
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